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Senin, 15 Maret 2010


Not be denied, to obtain a good education required education costs substantial. For those who are able and lots of money, this cost issues are less of a problem. But for some people, namely those orphans aka poor people of this cost issue, an issue that's quite heavy. Not only for the cost of education, for the cost of daily meals they hardly have any. Especially problematic is the cost of education, from day to day in various levels of education shows a growing gerafik. Clearly, for disadvantaged groups, the reach of education becomes increasingly difficult, and difficult to be realized.

Though even so, amid hard and heavy cost burden issue is education, for a group of people or students who kretif, armed with spirit, prayer and a tenacious effort. And trying to build networks with other parties Hospitality competent educational expenses were required to continuing education can be overcome with good. Cost constraints so far considered can selsai scary. One of the ways students are overcoming obstacles is the cost by finding and getting scholarships.

Scholarships by Indonesian complete dictionary of today (Publisher Light published in 1999) is a payment of money given to students for high value or because the person can not afford to pay. The existence of this scholarship must have item is a breath of fresh air for students disadvantaged in economic terms but has a passion cents to reach educational success. The reality has been a lot of students who had been underprivileged was thanks to the help of these scholarships could have completed their education. Not even a little of the scholarship recipients are able to achieve a sufficient level of education high.

Types of scholarships

Scholarships can didiperoleh students or students can be obtained from various agencies besiswa both domestic and overseas. There are dozens of types of scholarships offered by various institutions sponsoring these students within their terms and conditions specified. And was offered a scholarship should this be put to good use by students and students to finance his education.

Scholarships can take these students can come from domestic or from abroad.

a; Bebearpa examples that you can receive a scholarship students, who come from within the country. namely: Institute students Customs National Movement Foster Parent (GN-OTA), Talent and Achievement Scholarships, Scholarship DIKTI, Scholarship Movement Independent Learning, Scholarship ethos Dhuafa Wallet , Scholarship envoy REGIONAL (bud) IPB, ORBIT Foundation Scholarships, Scholarship Global Education Partners, Epson Scholarship Program Scholarship, Scholarship EXXON Mobil, The Habiebie Center, Supersemar Scholarship, Scholarship Human Resource Science and Technology, besiswa Sampoerna Foundation Scholarship Scholarship ASTRA BAZIZ Jawa, Scholarships Mizan , School Operational Assistance (BOS).

B; Some countries established diplomatic relations with our country doing various cooperation and assistance to Indonesia. One form of assistance given to community education aid Indonesia is in the form of scholarships. Many countries have provided scholarship aid from abroad such as scholarships from the U.S., Japan, UK, From Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Norway, South Korea, India, Sudan, Iran, Egypt (Al-Azhar ), Malaysia. Iraq, Pakistan, Kuawait, Syria. And various other state scholarship provider ..

The number of scholarships for education aid being poured from friendly countries that have joined it and the opportunity to contribute to our nation, especially the young generation to acquire better education. Hopefully, the contribution of students who got a chance to get a better pendidikkan, could contribute more and more advanced human resources and education in Indonesia indonbesia in particular, I hope it is. ***

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